ACB JJ 7 World Grand PRIX – Full Event Video


Marcio Andre, Edwin Najmi, Davi Ramos, Aj Sousa, Lucas Rocha, Kit Dale, Claudio Calasans and the rest of the crew met on ACB JJ 7 World Grand Prix in two divisions, 75 and 85 kg in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In 75kg division final match Marcio Andre defeated Edwin Najmi and became a new ACB JJ Welterweight Champion!
ACB JJ 7 World Grand PRIX 75 kg division

While Josh Hinger in Middleweight 85 kg division defeated Arnaldo Oliveira.
ACB JJ 7 World Grand PRIX 85 kg division

Check out ACB JJ 7 GRAND-PRIX 75, 85 kg full event Video!



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