TikToker Challenges a Professional MMA fighter and FAILS. Teammate Armbars His Friend To Separate Them

TikToker Challenges a Professional MMA fighter and FAILS. Teammate tried to separate them but with no success.
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It’s usually a terrible idea to challenge a professional and even amateur fighter unless you are a professional fighter. We’ve seen this happen many times, and today it happen again.

To begin, Tik-Tok-er challenged one of Serbia’s most skilled fighters, Marko Bojković, to sparring, and it appears that it was the worst idea he could come up with. The video makes it clear that this individual was no match for Marko.

Marko Bojkovic

Tik-Tok-er started with some wide and unprecise punches, so after some time, Marko did a double leg takedown while lifting Tik Toker in the air and carried him to the wall, where he threw him down and mount him. Soon after that TikToker turned his back and then Bojkovic did a Rear Naked Choke. Tik-Tok-er wouldn’t give up, and Marko wouldn’t let him go until he feels a tap.

When his partner Denis Jurakic saw that TikToker won’t tap, he tried to pull Marko away, but Marko didn’t want to let choke go. He was finally able to remove Marko’s arm with an ‘armbar’, and because Tik Toker had been in a choking position for a long time, he “fell asleep.”

This guy will undoubtedly no longer try to compete against professional fighters after this.

By the way, Bojkovic is presently recovering from a knee ailment that kept him from fighting, but Marko appears to be doing well. We hope to see him in the cage again as soon as possible, but, this time, against a real opponent.

Watch the video below:


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