Rashad Evans about Demi Lovato: I Thought She Was Training For a Fight

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Rashad Evans is UFC veterans currently fighting in UFC’s middleweight division. Recently he visited gym where Demi is training and he was very surprised when he saw her rolling.

He posted a picture of him and Demi on Instagram saying: “Good to see my buddy. She trains crazy hard! Hell, I thought she was training for a fight but they say that’s just how she rolls.. Big ups young lady!!”

As Demi Lovato was recently PROMOTED TO A BLUE BELT a lot of people were questioning her skills and wonder if she got belt just because she’s a popular singer, but as time is passing more and more people are witnessing her dedication to Brazilian Jiu jitsu.

Recently Demi Lovato showed her skills doing a takedown and armbar on a BJJ world champion Danielle Martin. Danielle commented that Demi is a great person and very passionate about Jiu Jitsu and that she’s showing great results with her hard work.

No matter what people say Demi is a great ambassador of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I believe we’re all glad having her training and promoting our sport in a great light.

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