Rafael Lovato Jr vs Roberto Cyborg Abreu Fight To Win Pro 7

Lovato jr. vs Roberto Cyborg Abreu

We bring you intense match between two BJJ legends. Rafael Lovato and Roberto Cyborg Abreu.

The match happened on Fight To win Pro 7 event and was a no gi 10 minutes title match.

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Lovato jr. kept up offense throughout the match, pushing forward on the feet and actively working from bottom when he pulled the guard

Cyborg did a nice single leg early on, but Lovato Jr neutralized it with a kimura attack. From there, Cyborg seemed hesitant to attack for the legs, leaving Lovato to choose when to pull guard.

From bottom, Lovato did a great omoplata try where Cybrog had to stand up to rip it off.

The three judges unanimously scored it to Lovato Jr. after the 10-minute round was over.

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