Mo Jassim Accuses Andre Galvao and Robert Drysdale for ADCC 2007 Match Fixing. Marcelo Garcia Got Robbed?

Lately, there’s a lot of controversy in ADCC 2007 and fixed matches of Robert Drysdale in the absolute division.

A few days ago Mo Jassim, ADCC Head Organizer, published on his Instagram profile a story:

“Not many people know this but Marcelo Garcia had 7 subs going into the 2007 ADCC Absolute finals to face Robert Drysdale. It’s no secret that Drysdale and 2 others coordinated and did fixed matches which allowed Drysdale to go into the finals fresh against Marcelo.

It absolutely pisses me off that because of weak ass shady shit it cost Marcelo the possible opportunity to do what only roger has done, double gold with 100% submissions, and the fact that Marcelo competed at 77 kg would have made it even more impressive. Nothing can be said or done to ever make it right for Marcelo.

I’m so sick of the phoniness sometimes in this sport. So many people preach respect and honor, just practice and live what you preach.”

Andre Galvao admits he fixed matches

According to what we can see below in a chat between Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao, it’s not a secret there was fixing of matches at ADCC.

Gordon Ryan: why do you keep openly admitting your fight at ADCC 2007 was fake?

Andre Galvao: Because it was. I fought a teammate. As I said, I got penalized by ADCC. Even after getting double gold medals, they made me go back to the trials in 2009. Guess what? I went back to the trials. I fought it and I won 7 fights. No easy path for me, only for you.

Mo Jassim accuses Robert Drysdale of cheating and fixing matches on ADCC 2007.

Soon after Mo Jassim stepped in with his comment for Robert Drysdale:

I’ve had a beef with what you did for a long ass time. Well before Gordon came into the scene. The truth is you are an older generation guy who is pissed the sport didn’t have fame and money when you competed. That’s what it stems from.

I’ve pumped in close to a million dollars of personal money into this sport with no returns and ADCC 2019 and 2022 won’t be touched for a long ass time. Your biggest achievement was a fixed ADCC title, 2 failed UFC drug tests and was cut and your top student Felipe left you.

So, anytime you want to compare track records for the sport I’m ready. Anytime you mention my name I’ll check you with the facts. Every single time.

Robert Drysdale responded to Mo Jassim:

I didn’t fix anything (trust me I didn’t need to. Those who know, know.) Andre speaks for himself. I walked in there to win and I won. Whatever Andre did or didn’t do I have nothing to do with. Funny that the loser of the match would say that. I wonder why.

After Drysdale’s comment, they continued:

Mo Jassim: Stop Bullshiting. You and Andre trained together for that ADCC. Galvao was punished and forced to do trials to come back. Go watch the match. Yeah, you’re right, Galvao beats Werdum but when he faces you he just got melted. You think I don’t know who the 3rd person involved was= Spread your bullshit to people new to the sport, not someone who has been going to ADCC for 21 years. You cheated to get that title and everyone around knew it 100%.

Robert Drysdale: What third person are you talking about here? No Clue. Andre trained with me, yes. Wanna guess what happened repeatedly? And how I have nothing to do with any of this? Because I didn’t need it. I walked in there to win and I won. Zero faults. If you are an ADCC expert, you can put 2+2 together. I’m 100% innocent here and in the right. I have made my mistakes in the past and I’m far from perfect, but not now. My title was earned as was everything else in my life. I never had to kiss ass or “play the game” to do it. Pure merits, nothing handed to me. You aren’t shitting on me, you’re shitting on your current ADCC super fight champ.

Mo Jassim: Galvao has said it was a fixed match buddy. What the hell are you talking about?. ADCC forced him to do trials again for cheating. You, Galvao, and Pablo all trained for that ADCC. And now your theory is that Galvao did fix the match but he didn’t tell you? This is the theory you are going to go with? You do realize the match is on youtube? and it isn’t the worst looking match I have literally ever seen in my life. Instead of owning it like a man you are going to keep denying it like a coward. Your biggest achievement in the sport was a fraud. I’m sorry, but that’s reality. Also, please drop that high Horse attitude like you are 100% honorable and would never do anything to cheat. You failed 2 UFC drug tests in a row and never competed. Stop the lies.

Robert Drysdale: Let’s go on a podcast so I can tell everyone the truth then. Your champ was getting tapped repeatedly in practice. Everything else is NOT on me. I went in there to win, and I did my job. Zero Fault here and zero requests. I’m flattered you followed my MMA career. Let me know when you have one. I’m a coward? LOL, I stepped into a cage to fight. How many people can say that? I’ve lived my life outside of my comfort zone. Some people’s courage is limited to typing into a phone.

Why do you think he did that? Expert?

Mo Jassim: Yeah, Galvao beat Werdum, and then he looked like a white belt against you. Then Galvao admits he did a fixed match he didn’t because he was embarrassed losing to you? Risking the fact if he didn’t win trials he wouldn’t be invited back to ADCC. This is so idiotic it’s laughable. Also, Robert here is the nail in the coffin to your argument. After ADCC 2019 you messaged me complaining about Gordon And Garry’s theatrics and what did I say? I mentioned your fixed match in 2007. Why didn’t you deny it to me then? I still have the message if you want to see it.

Robert Drysdale: You said so much unintelligent things on that message I skipped thought it all. You literally justified current ADCC mistakes claiming that it’s always been the case. You lost me there. Let’s go on a debate and I will tell everyone the track record of ADCC on this topic. Again. I never requested, suggested, or needed a fixed match. I have zero part in this. Anyone who knows people from Checkmat/Brasa from those days will confirm this to you. They know the truth, including Pablo. What you think is irrelevant to me. I know, and those who were there know. If you want to discuss this with me, my offer stands. Call me a coward? Lol, you got some nerves. I literally have done everything there is to do in this sport and at the highest level. I would never brag about it if you didn’t compel to me.

Mo Jassim: Let’s keep it simple. You’re lying through your teeth. You just hate that the sport now has media attention and money. You hate it because you’re not a part of it. You cheated in ADCC just like you did in the UFC twice in a row. Whatever makes you sleep at night. If I’m going to the podcast it will be about how I’m going to make ADCC 2022 the biggest grappling event of all time, not your fixed match from 14 years ago. I assure you one thing. Your biased cheating ass won’t be commenting. I’ll send you a link when tickets go on sale so you can watch ADCC in your hometown.

Robert Drysdale: Don’t bother. I’m not that interested in an event with a huge budget (no profits) with less than 100 competitors and less organized than any provincial show. And how can I have cheated if I didn’t ask/suggest anything? Wanna know the truth? Ask those who were there. The truth makes me look good, not bad. As for my career, again, flattered you followed it. It was hard to get in there and fight. Only those who have been there know what it’s like. The fear, anxiety, hard training is not for everyone. Enjoy the show from a chair/couch and stay consistent.

Mo Jassim: ADCC 2019 was so bad. We sold out 4000 seats and considered the greatest ADCC ever. You jump around to whatever suits you. Remember when you commentated on ACB and went after Flo talking shit and saying how ACB was going to take over? How that work out for you? Also, if you want to talk shit on ADCC 2019, let’s be real. You had one top student, Felipe Andrew, who left for another team. Maybe it’s you, man.

Robert Drysdale: You are so inconsistent it’s painful. My life is awesome and I’m flattered you know so much about it.

Andre Galvao vs Robert Drysdale ADCC 2007:

Check out this fight and tell us if you think it’s fixed?

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