Demi Lovato doing a slick armbar on BJJ Champion

Demi Lovato shows off a slick armbar on BJJ champion
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If you ever speculated whether Demi Lovato is a real blue belt or not this could change your mind.

We can see Demi Lovato taking Down World Champion Danielle Martin and doing some slick armbar from full mount. Danielle Martin also said about Demi:

I love this woman! Her dedication to BJJ and her attention to the details is what will always set her apart from the rest. She’s legit, fierce and works hard to be her best. So much respect to her and thank you for being my favorite training partner.”

? you @officialdaniellemartin ?

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As much as we can see Demi was very good even when she was white so Blue Belt is Well Earned. Grats Demi!

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