X Guard: Do You Know All The Possible Variations?

There’s one guard position in BJJ that is crazy effective compared to all others. It is the X guard, a simple open guard that people usually discover at blue belt. This guard is crazy effective, easy to work from and very hard to pass. Still, like all things that go mainstream, there are plenty of escapes, counters, and reversals available for the top person. However, there is a solution for this as well, or rather, multiple solutions. The X guard’s abilities to transition into other guards are one of it’s most effective traits. But what if you could stay in the X guard sand simply decided to play a variation of it? Sounds even better, right? To begin with, there’s more than just one X guard variation out there. Ok, there are more than two, as the single leg X guard is also a much-utilized … Continue reading X Guard: Do You Know All The Possible Variations?