The Wrestling Crab Ride For BJJ

What I really love about BJJ is how much you can add to it from other grappling martial arts. There’s a goldmine in other arts such as Judo, Sambo, wrestling, etc that we’ve barely tapped in as Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. Some of the moves those arts offer are already a huge part of BJJ, whether they are just borrowed or modified. However, there are also moves that we do not explore, due to reasons we’ll look int later. The fact is, there are some grappling fundamentals form other arts that can really give your BJJ game a boost. One such technique is wrestling’s Crab Ride, the forefather of the BJJ Berimbolo.  Grappling martial arts do have a lot to teach us. The older the art is, the more hidden gems it contains. Given that wrestling is arguably the oldest grappling martial art ever, it’s easy to … Continue reading The Wrestling Crab Ride For BJJ