Unorthodox Gi Chokes From Every BJJ Position

 The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi is a mighty weapon for those that understand it as such. The Gi is a medium that allows a grappler to obtain dominant control over another grappler. In order to achieve this control, one must know how to correctly position their grips. Not all surfaces of the Gi are equally efficient in terms of gripping efficacy. The sleeves (at their ends and behind the elbows) and collars (between collarbone and neck) are the two favorite spots. Closely behind are bottom-of-the-pants grips. Every once in awhile, gripping the belt also helps in controlling an opponent. However, the Gi is not just a tool for control, it is also a powerful tool for submitting. While armlocks and leglocks with the Gi are a scarce and low percentage, Gi chokes are a huge category of submissions that all grapplers need to have at … Continue reading Unorthodox Gi Chokes From Every BJJ Position