The Triangle Machine – Craig Jones DVD REVIEW

Ladies and gentlemen, he’s back! The most exciting grappler from Australia and one of the top competitors of today, Craig Jones is back! Since his meteoric rise to stardom, Jones has been relentless in putting out high-level digital material. So far, Craig Jones DVD instructionals have outlined his grappling brilliance in all aspects of the Gentle Art. From leg locks, through Z-guard magic to lightning-fast back takes, Craig Jones has done it all at the highest level of competition. What you get with a Craig Jones DVD instructional is exactly what you see from him in competition. ON SALE: Craig Jones – The Triangle Machine DVDs Back before the world knee Craig as one of the most proficient leg lockers of today, he was winning matches via his favorite submission. Surprisingly, his favorite submission is not the heel hook or any leg lock for that … Continue reading The Triangle Machine – Craig Jones DVD REVIEW