Three Best Triangle Choke Defense Options For BJJ

 Defending BJJ submissions and successfully escaping them is arguably the hardest part of Jiu-Jitsu. It takes a lot of patience and knowledge to get out of a deep submission, but it is, by all means, possible. There’s no submission in grappling that you cannot defend against. The only thing that makes all the difference in the world is timing. If you know what’s about to happen, you can work to prevent it or disrupt it. Once you manage that you can just sit back and wait for the opponent to give up. or better, yet, you can go on a counteroffensive yourself. Today, we look at three very high-percentage triangle choke defense options. The triangle choke is not an easy submission to defend against. It offers a lot of control over you and allows for multiple adjustments. This makes ita potent weapon across all belt … Continue reading Three Best Triangle Choke Defense Options For BJJ