9 Reasons Why You Are Annoying to Roll With

Do you know that you’re annoying to people around you? You probably don’t because no one sees himself as annoying. Here are some of the reasons why people will see you annoying and will turn their head on you when you’re looking for a sparring partner. 1. You talk too much. You use every single moment of sparring to say something. You always have some kind of advice or an excuse. You’re even commenting positions you’re in and if you combine it with your stinky breath it’s really bad. So, if you see a guy you’re sparring with just moving his head up and down with his mouth closed and he makes some weird “hahaha” sounds you know it’s time to STFU.  2. You’re spazzer. You don’t care about your sparring partners health, his injuries, his income to pay hospital bills, nothing. You don’t care … Continue reading 9 Reasons Why You Are Annoying to Roll With