The Closed Guard Gi Brabo Choke From Hell

What if I could tell you that you can use the same submission you’re using with the Gi and make it effective in No-Gi? Or that it works in reverse too? Yes, it’s not anything groundbreaking but it is a fact of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. If you like to use a Guillotine choke, for example when you’re rolling No-Gi, what do you do with the Gi? Guillotines can be really tough to pull off with all that Gi material in the way. Luckily there’s an option you can switch to directly, without giving up on the submission. For a Guillotine choke, the loop choke is the like-for-like Gi alternative. But there’s something better. If you’re into getting D’arces left and right, consider the Gi Brabo choke. It’s going to drastically change your choking game. The Brabo choke is a fairly old one, to be honest. It … Continue reading The Closed Guard Gi Brabo Choke From Hell