Tarikoplata – The Shoulder Lock Nobody Can Defend

Every once in a while a brand new move surfaces out of nowhere then the world of Jiu-Jitsu. It may be a sweep, a new controlling position, or, most often, a new submission. And by new, I mean a slightly modified move that already exists. Generally speaking, these moves are a result of countless hours of experimentation and mat experience. This means that the inventors of most of the “new” BJJ moves are usually black belt instructors. However, every now and then a purple or brown belt comes up with a true gem that takes grapplers breaths away! Actually, in rare circumstances, even a white belt might stumble on a move that works. Whatever the case, when these moves end up working like a charm against high-level opponents in competition, you can bet they’re going to become BJJ mainstay. One such recent “game-changing” move is … Continue reading Tarikoplata – The Shoulder Lock Nobody Can Defend