Tarikoplata DVD By Tarik Hopstock – A Review

just a short while ago, one move became a real hit when it comes to new, cruel and unusual BJJ submissions. The Tarikoplata is a nasty armlock that caught many of the highest level grapplers by surprise. As such, it is tried and tested in competition, with a stellar record to show for it. However, people attempting to figure it out came up short. The reason behind it is that the founder Tarik Hopstock kept the secrets of his best weapon to himself. He did a few seminars here and there, perhaps the odd YouTube video, but nothing that revealed the entire Tarikoplata system. Until now. Now, the Tarikoplata DVD instructional is here, and Tarik spares absolutely nothing. This raises the question, though, what has he got up his sleeve next? ON SALE HERE:Tarik Hopstock – Tarikoplata (DVD/DIGITAL)    Until such time that we … Continue reading Tarikoplata DVD By Tarik Hopstock – A Review