The Only Supplement You Need – Creatine For BJJ

In the modern world of sports, using nutritional supplements has become the norm instead of an exception. This fact is widely used by supplement companies for merciless marketing.  Walk into any supplement store, or just open their website and you get the same old thing. “Buy this and that supplement to increase muscle, shed fat and have the energy for days”!  this intricate net of marketing though, there are a few supplements that actually work. You just need to know how to find them. Creatine for BJJ is one of the best supplements you can take is. The questions regarding creatine for BJJ are the same as with creatine use for any other sport. Over the years two things have always been associated with creatine. First of all, you’re going to hear that it works. Second, that it is unsafe for your health. One of … Continue reading The Only Supplement You Need – Creatine For BJJ