Subtle Tricks For Developing World-Class BJJ Chokes

Whether it is a regular BJJ class, open mat or a tournament two thing are for certain. You’re going to see someone tap to a choke. You’re also going to see someone escape a choke that seemed tighter than a hanging noose. BJJ chokes are very effective submissions and are among the highest rate finishing moves in grappling martial arts. Their constant use and efficacy, though, have made them the subject of detailed studying. The result is plenty of options to defend, escape and even counter them. It is not uncommon to see a blue belt escape a brown belt’s choke after defending for a while. This demonstrates that no matter how experienced someone is, defenses are so efficient that even lower ranked students can use them successfully. If you’ve ever had someone escape a rear naked choke, for example, that you thought you had, you … Continue reading Subtle Tricks For Developing World-Class BJJ Chokes