Standing Guillotine Defense Techniques You Must Know

When it comes to guillotine cheeks in BJJ, most people think they can get out fairly easily. having one defense, and perhaps the Von Flue choke in your arsenal is actually a pretty good defensive strategy against guillotine chokes. However, guillotine chokes are a very sneaky category of submissions. there are plenty of varieties and they work from virtually everywhere. that involves the standing position. While the standing guillotine is somewhat rare in BJJ competition, it does work and is often used in MMA and no-gi grappling. This aspect of guillotine defense is something most people do not consider important until it is too late.  The standing guillotine offers a very unique problem. Unlike on the ground, there are no legs to impede motion in lateral directions. This means you can move to each side. However, the problem you face is one of very very … Continue reading Standing Guillotine Defense Techniques You Must Know