The Benefits Of Using A Sauna For BJJ Recovery

Recovery is a major aspect of the Brazilian Jiu-JItsu lifestyle. regardless if you’re a professional grappler or a nine-to-five grappling nerd, you need a recovery routine. The goal is to get your body back to basics so you can push it to the limit on your next training session. There are a bunch of recovery methods out there for grapplers that are helpful. From yoga to foam rolling to using a sauna for BJJ, there’s much you can do. Here. we’re going to focus on the benefits of going in a sauna for BJJ recovery. Have you ever been in a Sauna? the feeling is crazy the first time you step in that hot little room. First, you’re going to get freaked out at how hot it is. later, you’re going to start having a good time. However, just when you think you got the hang … Continue reading The Benefits Of Using A Sauna For BJJ Recovery