How To Practice Jiu-Jitsu As You Get Older

Training Jiu-Jitsu gets so fun over the years that people don’t even want to think about having to stop at a certain point. In all other sports, there’s an age limit past which even recreational training becomes hard. With BJJ, this aging line is not as fixed as other sports or other martial arts. If you’re 50 years old and going at it like you’re 21, you’re probably not going to be able to stay in the sport for much longer. If you’re 50, however, and you’re all about taking it easy, playful and light, you’re going to be able to practice Jiu-Jitsu well into your advanced age. it’s all about the approach and your mindset.  The thing with older grapplers is that they sometimes fail to evolve. BJJ is all about constant evolution on every level. This also includes evolving on an individual level. … Continue reading How To Practice Jiu-Jitsu As You Get Older