Omoplata Explained – How to Make It Really Work

Table of Contents Origins of the OmoplataChapter1: Omoplata Attacks and Finishing PrincipleKey Points For Finishing The Omoplata Every TimeCrucial Principles To Focus On When Applying OmoplataHow to Finish Your Opponent When Your Farther Leg is StuckChapter 2: Easy Omoplata Sweep Submission Follow-UpsThe Omoplata SubmissionThe Omoplata SweepThe Follow UpsMy Opinion on Omoplata and How Interesting and Effective It IsRelated Articles: Omoplata is a very powerful and versatile technique if you know how to execute it and use it as submission and a sweep. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches us how to solve problems through the application of previously gained knowledge. True knowledge is not reflected by the number of facts we know, but rather by the way we manage to string them together. This statement applies perfectly to BJJ. As long as we know how to connect different positions and moves, we can build an adaptable game. Despite … Continue reading Omoplata Explained – How to Make It Really Work