Deconstructing The Mechanics Of The Darce Choke

The Brabo choke, the screw choke, the inverted arm triangle choke, the Darce choke. No matter which name is to your liking, it’s a powerful choke in BJJ. I, personally, was first exposed to it as the Darce choke, so that’s how I’ll refer to it. During the years it’s become one of my favorite weapons, mostly because it is applicable from almost every position possible. Born out of necessity, in my case at least, the Darce has truly transformed my game. It all began with me getting stuck in peoples half guard while they had an undertook on me. As everyone who trains knows, this can be a sticky position if the bottom person knows what they’re doing. Enter the Darce choke. In all fairness, I had no idea what I was doing and just instinctively went for a Whizzer/overhook while trying to control … Continue reading Deconstructing The Mechanics Of The Darce Choke