Loop Choke – Submit Your Opponents From Everywhere

 When it comes to submitting people in BJJ the choke is the ultimate weapon. A choke leaves no doubt as to whoever won. Some people are quite resistant to joint locks, and might even be willing to let something snap. In those terms, there is one choke submission that’s pretty underrated but is as efficient and as tight as any other in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It is the one and only Loop Choke. Strangles are as close to killing someone as you can get, without legal repercussion, of course. When a person taps to a choke, they attest to the fact that you had their life in your hands. As far as chokes go BJJ can boast that it arguably has the largest number of strangling techniques in all of grappling martial arts. A big reason for this is the utilization of the Gi for a number … Continue reading Loop Choke – Submit Your Opponents From Everywhere