Lachlan Giles DVD Review: High Percentage Chokes: No-Gi

 After Danaher’s breathtaking release on leg locks, it is time to pay a little attention to your chokes as well. That’s where an incredible Lachlan Giles DVD comes in. A four DVD set, structured like no other, the “High Percentage Chokes: No-Gi” Lachlan Giles DVD is the holy grail of chokes. Do not be fooled that this release is No-Gi specific only! All the chokes you learn are compatible with any competitive Jiu-Jitsu format Instructional out there. ON SALE HERE: Lachlan Giles – High Percentage Chokes No-Gi (DVD, DIGITAL, Combo) High Percentage Chokes No-Gi by Lachlan Giles (Techniques List, Free Videos) So it seems that this is the year of BJJ DVD releases by some of the most enigmatic coaches in the sport! The latest release is all about a figure that was very mysterious to the BJJ community until a short while ago. Well, to most … Continue reading Lachlan Giles DVD Review: High Percentage Chokes: No-Gi