Knee Bar Escapes And Key Defense Principles

There’s one leg lock submission out there that is dubbed the king of leg locks. Surprisingly it is not the heel hook. There’s a simple, and partly stupid explanation as to why this is the case. The one reason why the knee bar reigns (or did, at least) as the king of leg locks are rules. TH knee bar is a submission legal at brown and black belts across all competitions. And, since the IBJJF has a few decades on all other competition format and doesn’t allow heel hooks, the knee bar is going to remain the most effective leg lock for the time being. In light of the modern leg lock obsession, this raises the need for effective knee bar escapes. Despite the power to be a truly debilitating injury, the knee bar is just as dependable as any other submission in BJJ. There’s something about … Continue reading Knee Bar Escapes And Key Defense Principles