How John Danaher’s Leg Lock System Re-shaped Jiu-Jitsu

Okay, so THAT Joe Rogan Experience Podcast episode finally materialized. The black belt comedian managed to get one of the most elusive and enigmatic BJJ personalities on his MMA SHow. More specific, the 11th episode of the JRE MMA show. 3 weeks ago the world got exposed to the captivating brilliance of Coach John Danaher. The famed Renzo Gracie black belt did not disappoint and spent about half of the show dissecting JIu-JItsu with Rogan. Not only did Rogan manage to get John Danaher on the show, but he got him talking. Now, three weeks and multiple replays later, the dust has kind of settled. After the original awe died down a bit, it is time to analyze Danaher’s philosophy and views. It is irrefutable that his approach has changed BJJ forever, but it was (and still is) a very tightly kept secret. For die-hard John Danaher fans like myself, who … Continue reading How John Danaher’s Leg Lock System Re-shaped Jiu-Jitsu