Neil Melanson DVD – Headhunter Guillotine Series REVIEW

Neil Melanson DVD, Head Hunter Guillotine series finally hit the daylight. It is all about front headlock attacks and vicious catch wrestling-style chokes that’ll tap any opponent in any grappling martial art and BJJ is not an exception. Back when I was a newly promoted BJJ blue belt I came to a realization. I had a lot of trouble with a more experienced blue belt who kept sweeping me from bottom half guard. He had and still has a very slick underhook game from the half guard. What I discovered, purely by chance, was that his underhook could be my gain instead of my downfall. The D’arce choke came about quite naturally and I haven’t looked back since. It not just solved my half guard conundrum, but it opened my eyes to the power of the front headlock position in Jiu-Jitsu. Once hooked on the … Continue reading Neil Melanson DVD – Headhunter Guillotine Series REVIEW