Grip Variaitions To Finish All Guillotine Chokes

Guillotine chokes are not just another submission in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Across all grappling martial arts, guillotine chokes have a role to play. Very often, they’re among the highest percentage submissions people have at their disposal. In modern days, the guillotine is having somewhat of a revival. Not that guillotine chokes ere ever gone, but nowadays, they seem to be everywhere. This, inevitably, leads to experimentation and the creation of different new variations. The one defining factor of a guillotine’s effectiveness is in one tiny crucial detail – the grips.  The reason people going for guillotine chokes is their versatility. Unlike many other BJJ submissions, guillotine chokes literally work from everywhere. Successful guillotine setups area available from guard, from the mount, from both top and bottom half guard, from standing. The list goes on and on. Even better, guillotine mechanics are fairly simple, with just a few key details to … Continue reading Grip Variaitions To Finish All Guillotine Chokes