High Percentage Guillotine Choke Escapes And Counters

 Getting submitted is a not an easy thing to get over. The whole “there’s no ego in BJJ’ thing aside, nobody likes to get submitted. Whether you’re a beginner or a fairly experienced grappler, submission is the one thing everyone hates. As it should be, of course. A submission is the ultimate form of surrender and nobody likes to lose. As far as submissions go, probably the scariest category are choked. That familiar feeling of going through the tunnel is not something people like to experience. And there’s one tight choke out there that can take this unpleasant experience to a whole other level – the guillotine choke. So, let’s focus on understanding it and discover the ways out of this dreaded submission. The guillotine choke is one of the “basic” techniques in BJJ. people learn it fairly early in their journey, especially if they train mostly … Continue reading High Percentage Guillotine Choke Escapes And Counters