Grappling Diet Tips For Getting A Six-Pack

Everyone wants to have a six-pack! That is the one universal truth for everyone, man or woman. The only difference is some wouldn’t mind having it, and some would do anything to get it. That said, getting a six-pack is never an easy thing (bar those few that have impeccable genetics). In terms of grappling performance, a six-pack isn’t a necessity However, a strong core really does help, plus who doesn’t want to look great with a shirt off? Yeah, you can be a BJJ world champion with a bit of isolation around the waist but wouldn’t it be much better if you won worlds titles with a six-pack on? Try our collection of grappling diet tips and you’ll see that getting one is actually not that hard. We already covered the fact that everyone wants a six-pack, whether they admit it or not. You … Continue reading Grappling Diet Tips For Getting A Six-Pack