Gogoplata Details That Will Change Your Game Forever

Whenever we think of flashy BJJ moves involving lots of flexibility, one name instinctively springs to mind. Eddie Bravo is the mad BJJ scientist who got famous back in the day for choking out Royler Gracie at ADCC. The smart cookie that he is, Bravo devoted himself to developing his own unique style. Out of the innovative high tech lab that is 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu came moves like the rubber guard, the lockdown, the truck and spiderweb. Oh, and the gogoplata. We can’t forget about the gogoplata. One of the strangest moves in BJJ, the gogoplata is a choke done with the feet. Only it’s not as easy as standing over someone and putting a foot to their throat. At first glance, it seems like the person doing the choke is an Indian yogi guru, capable of turning themselves inside out. Such is the … Continue reading Gogoplata Details That Will Change Your Game Forever