A George Lockhart Meal Plan For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

George Lockhart is the man that’s on top of the nutrition world at the moment. At least when it comes to people involved in combat sports, especially those that have weight classes. George is a master of nutrition that likes to keep things plain and simple. He likes to keep grapplers and fighters fed and hydrated while teaching them how to eat correctly. Up until a short while ago, he was somewhat of a mystery to the fight world. Today, however, his methods are available on DVD and E-Book. Still, people scramble to find out what Lockhart’s diet is all about and why his weight cutting methods are so effective. Today, we’ll go over the main principles of his diet, as well as a sample George Lockhart meal plan.  Nutrition these days is akin t nuclear physics if you try and get the hang of it online. … Continue reading A George Lockhart Meal Plan For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu