5 Steps To Fix Your BJJ Game Weak Spots

Are you getting stuck in certain BJJ positions over and over again? If so, you probably have a hole in your BJJ game. The solution is not easy and not simple. It is a two-step process that you have to go through. First, understand the position and how it works. Secondly, re-trace what you’ve been doing and identify where you’re going wrong. here are the best ways to accomplish this task. The BJJ game people have is usually in tune with their goals. Competitors, for example, are more often than not, specialists. They have a strategy what and when to do and they have their favorite moves. They know this to perfection and there’s no dealing with it. But take them in deep water and they might drown. People that don’t compete have a game that is defined by other factors such as age, body … Continue reading 5 Steps To Fix Your BJJ Game Weak Spots