The Best Strategies For EBI Overtime Rounds

It is safe to say that Eddie Bravo’s EBI tournament has re-shaped the world of Jiu-Jitsu. And for the better. The tournament has plenty of positives about it, from the fact that it pays grapplers to compete to the exciting submission the only format. However, there were other organizations before EBI that offered the same benefits, like Metamoris for example. Actually, Metamoris is where Bravo first got the idea. the true innovation though is in the ruleset. EBI’s greatest achievement is the manner in which it solved the draws issue. The EBI overtime rounds were the spark the submission only grappling scene was lacking to take off. And it did. Everyone who has ever competed at an IBJJF event knows that there are plenty of ways to win besides submitting an opponent. Moreover, there are easier ways to win than going for a finish. Just holding … Continue reading The Best Strategies For EBI Overtime Rounds