Deep Half Guard in BJJ – Everything About

 Deep Half Guard is one of BJJ’s most effective positions in every format of the sport. For starters, the half guard is very effective for controlling, sweeping or directly submitting anyone and it has been proven to work at every belt level, Gi or No-Gi. Once you get the good knowledge of the Half Guard it’s time for you to move to Deep Half Guard and find how effective it really is. First of all! If you’re looking for the best possible deep half guard DVD instructional there is a great one from Bernardo Faria. It’s Called Faria Guard. He’s probably the only deep half guard player in the world that won simply everything with it. 5 times world champion etc… So, if you’re interested in Bernardo Faria’s DVD you can check it HERE Furthermore, there are numerous variations to the position which ensures … Continue reading Deep Half Guard in BJJ – Everything About