The Basics Of The Sneaky BJJ Rat Guard System

Not flexible enough to work rubber guard? Worry not there are still similar guard systems that you can learn. One such example is the BJJ Rat Guard. It is not one of Keenan Cornelius’ lapel wrapping excesses but a very effective closed guard system. The BJJ Rat Guard works in both Gi and No-Gi and is very underrated. Turn this into an advantage and learn the BJJ Rat Guard System! Playing guard in BJJ is a must for grapplers of all levels. Regardless of your affiliation to Gi or No-Gi JiuJitsu or even your style of grappling, you need to have a good guard system. Even top players who thrive on takedowns and pressure passing need a fallback option. Jiu-Jitsu is very unpredictable and if one thing is for sure, it’s that you’re going to end up on your back at one point. As far as closed … Continue reading The Basics Of The Sneaky BJJ Rat Guard System