Chael Sonnen Wrestling Fundamentals DVD REVIEW

So, you’re looking to add wrestling to your BJJ but do not know where to start? There are several options out there, but if you want a proven one, you need two things. First up you need someone who knows which wrestling techniques cut it in BJJ or MMA settings. Secondly, you need a good teacher that knows how to explain things to perfection. well, with the Wrestling Fundamentals DVD you get both. the man behind it is no other than the ultimate MMA bad Guy Chael Sonnen. And the content of this DVD is guaranteed to lift your grappling game up a few levels immediately! ON SALE HERE:Chael Sonnen – Wrestling Fundamentals (DVD/DIGITAL) Use code “FIRST15” for 15 OFF Chael Sonnen has always been an entertaining character to watch. Whether he was fighting inside the octagon, commenting fights or talking trash to promote fights, … Continue reading Chael Sonnen Wrestling Fundamentals DVD REVIEW