Calf Slicer & How to Make it Your Best Leg Lock

Table of Contents The reason why Calf Slicer is so underratedThe Mechanism Behind The Calf SlicerHow to Get To The Calf SlicerCalf Crusher from Top PositionHalf Guard TopThe TruckSlicer Crushing From Your BackX-Guard to Calf SlicerButterfly Guard Sweep to Calf SlicerHow to Defend and Counter Calf SlicerThe Video Of Brett johns Applying the Calf Slicer Submission in UFCSo, Should You Practice Calf Slicer or Not?Related Articles: Calf Slicer submission or so-called Calf Crusher is a submission that is as underrated as it is scary! It’s a compression lock that is pressing calf muscle to a shin bone. You can see this submission in BJJ, MMA, and most Grappling Martial Arts. What’s important are the reasons to make Calf Slicer your best leg lock that people will have no idea how to defend. The ultimate goal of the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is to cause an … Continue reading Calf Slicer & How to Make it Your Best Leg Lock