BodyWeight Exercises Based on Jiu-Jitsu Movement

 In this article, we bring you bodyweight exercises based on Jiu-Jiu movement. They are based on something that you do every day in your BJJ class. No matter if you’re sparring or drilling the movement is there. And that’s the best way to exercise to build your muscles and gain strength and condition. We can easily say that with these exercises you will “kill two birds with one stone”. You can check the tutorial on doing some of the bodyweight exercises HERE. Bodyweight Exercises and its benefits Bodyweight exercises are actually a type of strength training, which helps you build your muscles and rebuild muscle wear that develops while you age or while you’re training. There’s a lot of studies that show that building muscle mass is great for your heart, lungs, hormone production, blood vessels, brain activity and your health in general. And … Continue reading BodyWeight Exercises Based on Jiu-Jitsu Movement