Decoding The BJJ Shaka Sign And Its Origins

 We’re all guilty of throwing the BJJ Shaka sign in at least one picture in our lives. With most of the people that do it, its rarely just that one photo, though, the Shaka hand gesture is now a much a part of BJJ as Gis and belts are. Still, if you ask most people why they do it, they’ll tell you they’re not sure, they’ve only seen higher ranked students and instructors do it. Furthermore, asking people what it means is going to get you even more blank looks and confused mumbles. In my quest to discover the BJJ Shaka’s true meaning and origin, I rarely got a substantial answer from anyone I asked along the way. Today, we’ll make things easier for you than they were for us and lay it all out.  The thing to remember is that the Shaka hand … Continue reading Decoding The BJJ Shaka Sign And Its Origins