Competition Is About Much More Than BJJ Medals

You’ve been working really hard for the past 12 weeks or so. Your weight is on point, you have a solid gameplan and your mind is all set on winning. You get to a tournament on time, settle in, get your Gi on. Everything is in place. You go through your first opponent, although somewhat anxiously. From there on it takes off on its own. Everything clicks and you manage to beat all the people that stand across from you on the mats. At least that day. Next up, you’re at the podium, standing at the very top, receiving your gold medal. But are BJJ medals really the measure of success at a tournament? The truth is that most days in competition are not going to be like the perfect day we just described.  To make things abundantly clear, BJJ medals are great! Winning one … Continue reading Competition Is About Much More Than BJJ Medals