BJJ Lineage: Does It Really Matter That Much? 

“My lineage is better than yours!” this is one of the things that make grapplers seem like kids more than anything. BJJ lineage is a huge source of pride, or controversy, depending on what the roll of the dice has brought you.  While linage is an age-old thing in martial arts and does hold value, should it really define grapplers as much as some people think? After all, how much does it really matter who gave a black belt to whom? Or how many people there are between you and Helio Gracie, for that matter? Let’s explore if being a part of a “superior” BJJ lineage is really going to do anything to improve your grappling skills.   The topic of BJJ lineage is not one of those topics that’s always on top of the controversy charts. The BJJ Gauntlet, being a Creonte and several others seem to be firmly in the lead there. However, form time … Continue reading BJJ Lineage: Does It Really Matter That Much?