Safety Guidelines for Training BJJ Leg Locks

 Leg locks are the great equalizer in BJJ. Or at least, they were until a short while ago. Now BJJ leg locks are being trained at every academy around the globe. They’re now the focus of competitive grapplers, instead of being shunned as ineffective and dangerous. While all competitive grappling formats still do not allow all leg locks, people do tend to train them on a regular basis. This raises the questions, how to safely train leg locks since they’re so potentially dangerous? Well, seeing how top-level leg locker the likes of Dean Lister, Craig Jones, and the Danaher Death Squad are still up and about claiming the legs of opponents in tournaments, there is obviously a safe way to do so. Actually, training BJJ leg locks is no different than training any other BJJ move. All it takes is some (not much) common sense. The … Continue reading Safety Guidelines for Training BJJ Leg Locks