BJJ Knee Injuries: Recovering From An LCL Tear

Nursing a BJJ injury is an everyday occurrence for most grapplers. While it may be scary the frit time you get it, after your hundredth twist and/or snap you’re not paying any more attention. It takes something serious for you to even consider taping it. This is the absolute worst strategy to have. Still, we all know it and yet, we still choose to do it. However, when it comes to certain injuries, no amount of tape can help unless we do the unthinkable – go to a doctor and take some time off. BJJ knee injuries qualify very high on that list, and when it comes to serious ligament damage, the only way to really heal is to play nice. And that means to do things by the book. Otherwise, you can wave goodbye to BJJ and many other things that require healthy knees.  … Continue reading BJJ Knee Injuries: Recovering From An LCL Tear