Things That Greatly Annoy Your BJJ Instructor

The life of a BJJ instructor is definitely not an easy one. Most of us do not have full-time careers in BJJ. As such it is the love of the sport and sheer enthusiasm that makes a BJJ instructor put hours on the mats, doing what they love. Furthermore, they’re the people guiding you through your BJJ journey, one step at a time. A BJJ instructor usually has at least one class to teach, and it is rarely just a small group of people. In many instances, instructors will have to teach back to back classes for hours at a time. While this is something they choose to do, paid or not, it is only courteous to make sure you’re not getting in the way of class and their efforts. After all, learning Jiu-Jitsu without an instructor is going to be an incredibly difficult task! Do you … Continue reading Things That Greatly Annoy Your BJJ Instructor