The BJJ High: How Weed And Jiu-Jitsu Work Together

Imagine going to a BJJ tournament high. now imagine that you can actually get high right then and there, mat-side. Furthermore, imagine if the prize for winning the tournament was a pound of weed. Up until a few years ago, many people only dared dream of such an event. In today’s world though it is now a reality. The “High Rollerz” BJJ Gi Tournament offers winners of each division a pound of weed. It seems redundant to debate the subject of smoking in today’s society, but somehow, the BJJ community remains firmly divided on the subject. Weed and Jiu-jitsu are either the perfect combination or two things that don’t mix. It all depends on who you ask. Unless you’re rational about it and simply look at the evidence which is exactly what we’re going to do today. Grappling martial arts are tough and complicated arts … Continue reading The BJJ High: How Weed And Jiu-Jitsu Work Together