BJJ Fundamentals Every White Belt Have to Know

A white belt is a very difficult period for a BJJ student. For those that survive the initiation, in the form of torture from higher belts, it gets way more complicated before it gets easier. After the first couple of ego-crushing months, it is time for a new student to actually start learning. However, new white belts are like a boat lost at sea – they need directions to survive. This is the period when they get introduced to the BJJ fundamentals that they’ll need to advance in the art. The fundamentals of BJJ are the building block for a strong game. Instructors need to make sure that new students aren’t just rushed through fundamentals classes. The Best BJJ DVD & DIGITAL Instructionals A common mistake often seen nowadays is white belts going for spinning, flying or potentially dangerous attacks. YouTube doesn’t help either, offering … Continue reading BJJ Fundamentals Every White Belt Have to Know