BJJ For Small Guys: How To Beat Bigger Grapplers

The key defining characteristic of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was its ability to defeat bigger stronger opponents with ease. Now, this is a claim that most martial arts have. However, only a few can really deliver on that promise. Luckily, BJJ is among those that truly can allow a smaller and physically weaker person to finish a much stronger and bigger opponent. Actually, beating bigger guys (or girls) is the reason BJJ came to be. As such, it is still just as effective today, even if your opponent is also trained in the Gentle Art. However, when your opponent knows what’s going on you need to be smarter and very precise. There are certain BJJ for small guys strategies that work against all kinds of opponents. The trouble with small people (speaking from experience) in grappling is. well, grappling. In most other martial arts, smaller people rarely end … Continue reading BJJ For Small Guys: How To Beat Bigger Grapplers