Best BJJ Submissions For Smaller Grapplers

There’s absolutely no way that a grappler can execute every submission with the same rate of success. It just doesn’t work like that in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Despite the fact that everyone can learn every move, not everything works equally as well for each person. This holds true for every category of the move, from sweeps to submissions. However, in the case of submissions, understanding what works for you may be of crucial importance. finding out which the best BJJ submissions are for you, means you can focus on what works. Spending time working on the best options for you is going to make you extremely proficient in executing them. And, if you’re a smaller built guy or girl, this takes on a whole new level of importance. Now, you not only need to know your top options, but you also need to know the best BJJ submissions to beat … Continue reading Best BJJ Submissions For Smaller Grapplers