Improve Back Control With The Body Triangle

Back control is the one position that all streams of BJJ universally agree upon. You’d be hard-pressed to find a grappler who believes that back control doesn’t work. It both brings the maximum points in IBJJF competition and is one of the overtime positions in its No-gi counterpart, EBI. Taking the back is a demonstration of ultimate power. it is a position that offers plenty of rewards and almost no risks. That said, as with all things BJJ, there are levels and details to controlling the back. From the basic seatbelt grip to modern concepts like the Straight Jacket, the variations are numerous. Speaking of variations, there’s one detail of controlling the back that people very often take for is the body triangle. The body triangle is seeing a re-emergence lately, and rightly so. It offers a crazy amount of control from a position that’s already … Continue reading Improve Back Control With The Body Triangle